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David Satori is a musical adventurer. Born in Burlington VT, David was inspired by the rich local music scene and started playing guitar and drums at the age of 13. David produced his first original album with his band Bubble Tribe in 1997 as a senior in high school and went on to study music at CalArts in Los Angeles, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Composition and Performance in 2001. 

After college David bought an aging airport shuttle bus, converted it to run on vegetable oil and toured the US with his bands The Funnies, a four piece space funk band, and Aphrodesia, a female fronted futuristic Afrobeat big band from San Francisco. David also co-founded and produced events with The Sustainable Living Roadshow, a traveling eco festival. In 2006 David helped organize a month long West African Tour with Aphrodesia and the African Showboyz from Ghana, which culminated in twonights at the legendary Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria, the musical home of Femi Kuti, son of Fela Kuti. 

After returning from West Africa David committed torecording with Beats Antique, a trio born in the San Francisco performance underground, Burning Man and West Coast Bass music scenes. Beats Antique soon became an international touring production and has released over 10 albums in 12 years, all written and produced by the band. On a parallel track toBeats Antique David pursued a recording project with his long-time bandmate and friend Evan Fraser, which evolved into Dirtwire, now a trio with the addition of Mark Revely, that tours internationally and has released 9 albums. 

Recently David has been inspired to spread his knowledge of the music business and production to people eager to learn through workshops known as“David Satori’s Musical Adventures”. David employs a unique format, taking people on a journey through his creative process using the Ableton Live softwareto compose music. The workshops are interactive and inclusive and encourage participation in the creation of an original piece of music. The session recording and Ableton file is then shared with the participants for them to remix or adapt for future releases. 

David is also involved with a nonprofit organization in Asheville NC, which is part of LEAF International,called “One Mic”. This project builds micro recording studios in under-resourced places around the world One Mic’s goal is to uplift youth in all parts of the world by giving them a voice and helping to amplify their message through the art of recording and production. 

David Satori feels strongly that music is a healing medicine, that those who wish to become more musical should do so and that by doing so they will spread the healing vibrations. David encourageseach of us to travel courageously and curiously into our passions and to spread the love of music wherever and whenever we can. 

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Violin / Viola 







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STREAM DISCOGRAPHY - soundcloud.com/david-satori

BEATS ANTIQUE - 2008 - present - an oakland based group featuring ZOE JAKES, DAVID SATORI, AND SIDECAR TOMMY, which has stumbled down the rabbit hole and emerged anew on the other side. BEATS ANTIQUE forges a curious alliance between middle eastern traditions and potent west coast circus, underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep

DIRTWIRE - Evan Fraser and I have been playing music for over 15 years....


The Golden Lips of Silence - (GLOS) is a secret society formed in the ancient walled city of Xiang deep within China. The lips have joined forces to explore the hidden realms of your psyche. They often eat hearty sandwiches from some of the most exotic locations on the planet!

Their deep knowledge of the interweb and its transitory circuity is of the utmost importance to those of you who feel it necessary to of wonder. One might ask whats the hush hush all about? Well if secrets could speak they would drip honey gold love all over you and nothing else would matter. So come closer we have a secret for you. Lets do this. Enough talkie talk. Time to whisper deep nothings to each other all night long …



DOWNLOAD THE SNACKS - sweetsnacks.bandcamp.com

FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/sweetsnacks/

VIDEOS - www.youtube.com/user/sweetsnackvids/video

APHRODESIA was a 10 - 14 piece afrobeat band from San Francisco CA from 2003 - 2009

I had a blast playing Guitar and writing music for this band. It was a force of nature fronted by powerful female vocals and blasting horns. My adventures with Aphrodesia took me all the way to West Africa. We played shows in Ghana, Benin, Togo and Nigeria. In Nigeria we were honored to play 2 nights with Femi Kuti at the New Afrika Shirne in Lagos Nigeria. Here are some tracks I wrote and co wrote over the years with Aphrodesia. Enjoy :)


Interplay was my first solo electronic release and first stab at Electronic Production using mostly the program Reason and a little Abelton LIVE. 2003-2004

THE FUNNIES - 2000 - 2003
Mike Hoffman - drums
Jd Lippscomb - Bass
Jeremy Belzer - Bass
Evan Fraser - Keys
David Satori - Guitar

BUBBLE TRIBE - 1993-1997 

This was the first band I was ever in. Back in the day in Burlington Vermont 1993 - 97. After school we'd go in the basement and play for hours! I played drums as my main instrument in the band but overdubbed guitar parts on some of the tracks. The band was made up of Charles Butler on Electric and Acoustic Banjo and Seth Whittier on Bass. I was lucky to find these guys!

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